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In this swift-paced world, every moment counts. Let's seize your opportunity from the outset!

Unicorn Brand

From 10 days to 20 days sprint

Transform your startup into a standout player with our 'Brand Sprint' service. This accelerated branding process is designed to quickly and effectively establish a strong, unique brand identity. Perfect for startups aiming for rapid market impact, our Brand Sprint sets the foundation for your future success.

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Product Design with the all milestones

crafting unique products with the essential screens you need, our UI/UX & MVP service focuses on creating user-friendly, visually appealing digital solutions. Tailored to your specific product requirements, we ensure your MVP stands out with user experience.

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Design Service

Flexible hourly rate design solutions

Our Design Service offers flexible, hourly rate design solutions. Ideal for projects of all sizes, this service provides the expertise of our design team at your convenience. Whether it's a small task or a large project, we deliver top-notch design work that aligns perfectly with your startup vision.

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For innovation centers & organizations

Diana, the creative force behind Uniqcom Studio, presents a series of lectures focusing on 'Cracking instead of Development,' 'Storytelling your startup,' and 'Utilizing AI for Entrepreneurs.' These sessions offer a blend of innovative strategies, narrative mastery, and insights, tailored for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and organizations.

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Digital Course

Do it your-self you have the power

Our Digital Course is crafted for entrepreneurs who prefer a hands-on approach. Starting with independent design thinking workshops and culminating in the creation of digital products, these short yet comprehensive courses empower you to take control of your brand's digital journey.

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From 10 days to 20 days sprint

Diana, the owner of Uniqcom Studio, personally delivers consulting services with a unique touch. Specializing in strategic branding and product management, she offers tailored marketing strategies and user-focused product guidance, ensuring your brand and products resonate deeply with your audience.


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