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One day, you'll become a unicorn and achieve great success with your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). To get there, you need to invest your budget and time wisely with a lean MVP UI/UX design strategy. Together, we will pave the way to your dream and quickly go to market with an exceptional product.

Save time and money while creating a user-centered design that delivers a seamless experience, engages your target audience, and generates a positive return on investment.


DAY 00 | Design Thinking

Join our dynamic workshop, tailored for innovators and thinkers like you! We're diving deep into the essence of our startup idea, focusing on "How Might We" questions for creative problem-solving, analyzing user flow for seamless experiences, and setting clear goals while pinpointing our target audience. This isn't just brainstorming; it's a strategic approach to refine and validate our concept, ensuring it resonates with the market and meets user needs. Be ready to transform ideas into action!

How Might We

Human Centered

Crazy 8

User Journey

Goals & Target

Features UX


Feature List

Info Architecture

Look & Feel

Core Values

Mood Board


DAY 03 - 07 | Shaping Your MVP

We dive into the "Discovery & Position" phase, where your MVP begins to take shape! Imagine a canvas of possibilities as we sketch out compositions, each a potential path to success. Our mood boards will paint your project's soul, setting a tone that resonates. The feature list? That's our roadmap to innovation, detailing every unique element that will elevate your MVP. This isn't just planning; it's the art of crafting a market-ready masterpiece. Let's make your vision a reality!


DAY 08 - 14 | Crafting User-Centric Experiences

This is a journey of shaping your product's soul. Here, we focus on user experience, crafting detailed wireframes that breathe life into your vision. Embracing human-centered design, we ensure every element resonates deeply with users. This stage isn't just about visuals; it's about building a coherent structure with thoughtful typography and color systems. It's where your product starts to speak the language of impact and connection.

User Experience


Typo & Color

Figma File

Design System

User Interface

Basic Prototype

Develop File


DAY 14 - 20 | Ready to Launch

In the Design UI phase, we weave a visual narrative through a meticulous Design System, creating interfaces that resonate with users. Our journey begins with sculpting a User Interface that balances beauty and usability. Then, we bring concepts to life with a Basic Prototype, offering a tangible glimpse into the user experience. Finally, we meticulously craft a CLEAN FIGMA File, a harmonious blend of design elements, ready to transition seamlessly into the development stage.

Do You Need This Solution?

Seed Stage Startup

If you have defined your MVP and need to design a user-friendly interface that effectively showcases your product's value to investors and potential clients, this solution is for you

Round A Startup

With a significant investment on the horizon, it's crucial to demonstrate the potential of your MVP through a well-designed user interface that aligns with your product's goals and objectives, and start to develop it.

Tech Company

Build your unicorn product independently and profitably with a lean MVP UI/UX design approach. Craft a user-centered design that attracts customers, meets market demands, and achieves business objectives.

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From the beginning of my business, it was so important to me to be known as a strong brand. There was a need for someone who understood my message. After the characterization discussion, we had a crazy brainstorming session that made sure I was happy with the progress. Your classic language is prestigious and authentic so just the way I wanted it. Your efforts have made the dream come true!

Anael Gutman

I came to Diana in order to redesign the Biz My Design website. The combination of an brande site and a sales site required innovative thinking.  Diana is a talented and creative individual who can create a wide variety of products and services. She knows how to create diverse languages and has a genuine desire to help .

Riva Naroshevitch
CEO, BizMyDesign

Diana takes projects in a surprising direction and shows a high level of professionalism. Diana's artistic ability allows her to convey ideas through graphics in a creative way. She enjoys learning new things, keeping up with trends, and incorporating innovation into her work.

Zvia Elgali
Head, Technologyin Education Unit

Where do they come from?What makes you wake up one day and decide you have an idea that can help people? When the idea begins to embroider skin and sinews begin to appear, people who also believe in your way ❤. So they take their passion, and wrap your idea in love, give it language, emotion. One of these people is Diana not only gave shape to "AnyTalk" she gave it life.

Alex Zenevich
CEO, AnyTalk

My dear, It's been fun to complete such an exciting project with you. It was like a birth for me. You made my dream come true! I'm glad I came to you - and you worked hand in hand with me throughout the project! You changed, renewed, refined, and enhanced this complex project! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Love and appreciate it!

Ness Liptove
CEO, Leela Game

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