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Your Idea

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Uniqcom can design your business or venture into a unicorn digital product. In the branding phase, we design the unique brand identity, and in the UI/UX phase, we design the user experience.

how Studio work?

The main purpose is to find out, through an experiential strategy, what is the main problem we are trying to solve right now? The next step will be to explore visuals and beautiful design to simplify the process of creating your unique product after we've researched and understood the concept together. It's time to choose the right service for you.

The Process

Here’s How it works



We'll chat about your project and provide you with a quote. As soon as this is accepted, you will confirm your reservation!



I look forward to learning everything about your business, your target market, and discussing initial ideas with you.



It's time for the most exciting step of all! Enjoy your time while you wait for your package to arrive.



At this point, everything becomes a reality and the project passes into your hands in the configuration we chose.

technology & creativity

combine to create


Here's a Sneak Peek

don’t take my word for it.

trust my new friend

My dear, It's been fun to complete such an exciting project with you. It was like a birth for me. You made my dream come true! I'm glad I came to you - and you worked hand in hand with me throughout the project! You changed, renewed, refined, and enhanced this complex project! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Love and appreciate it!

profile image ness liptove
ness liptove
Numerological consultant

Diana takes projects in a surprising direction and shows a high level of professionalism. Diana's artistic ability allows her to convey ideas through graphics in a creative way. She enjoys learning new things, keeping up with trends, and incorporating innovation into her work.

profile image Zvia Elgali
Zvia Elgali
Davidson Institute

I came to Diana in order to redesign the Biz My Design website. The combination of an brande site and a sales site required innovative thinking.  Diana is a talented and creative individual who can create a wide variety of products and services. She knows how to create diverse languages and has a genuine desire to help .

profile image Riva Neurovich
‏‎Riva Naroshevitch
Biz My Design

Diana's services have helped us create creative concepts, designs, and animation as a music marketing company.
Our experience was very personal and warm. Our work was of high quality, and we will always be happy to work on more projects in the future.

profile image Sunny Group
Vlad Sunny
sunny group

From the beginning of my business, it was so important to me to be known as a strong brand. There was a need for someone who understood my message. After the characterization discussion, we had a crazy brainstorming session that made sure I was happy with the progress. Your classic language is prestigious and authentic so just the way I wanted it. Your efforts have made the dream come true!

profile image Anael gutman
Anael Gutman
personal training
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nice to
meet you

I am Diana, and for more than 10 years I have combined the worlds of design and technology. I encourage entrepreneurs and companies to shape their unique ideas into reality. 🦄

My childhood was spent watching Disney movies and illustrating scenes every few seconds.This is something I could do for hours, sometimes for days! Creating a new reality on paper with a pencil was an experience I cannot describe.

Over the years I developed, studied the UI/UX field in depth and taught it privately, at leading colleges like Hacker U and Pitango UX, and at Jolt I assisted companies and entrepreneurs of all types and brought amazing products to the market.

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