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Alcosmart hero project


Alcosmart was seeking to build an initial MVP in the alcohol industry for testing and programming before recruiting investors. Their goal was to create a user experience under a correct strategy, a customized design for branding, and a strong positioning of the project for both b2b and b2c users.


Our studio created the abbreviated design sprint workshop to save time and money and to provide the solution to the problem and the exact thinking to the product journey and user experience at a deeper level. As part of breaking down the product at the level of the journey, we use both B2B and B2C end journeys from the strategy stage through wireframes and visualizing the core values and message.

Design Sprint

We know how to bring ideas to all the problems we will encounter along the way through cooperation and leadership in a fun way. By putting any problem on the board in all stages and perspectives of the project, we will be able to focus and promote the best solution until the final execution.

B2C Wireframe

An application that explains and gives B2C customers the solution for alcoholic beverages they were unfamiliar with. Increases the chance that the perfect drink will be selected for the user according to his budget.

Alcosmart logo mobile

B2B Wireframe

It provides basic data about the alcohol store through a web-based dashboard. Data about users, simple commodity data. One of the most important features is the option to build a personalized advertisement that is automatically thrown on the personal profile srore page on B2C app.

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