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Tripin hero project


The process of planning a trip usually takes a lot of time and involves many steps and tweaks. It is usually very difficult for users to find trips that exactly meet their needs. Mainly, the user does not know which information is necessary and which is not. There is a lot of information to collect and the user is unsure.


In order to create a trip based on accurate data for tourists, the application arrived with the goal of improving user experience. To make the trip organization an enjoyable and focused experience.

Design System

A design system is the system you put together when designing components in a way to use, reuse and update the designs.It all starts by thinking about how the UX, UI and functional modules will work together in a design system.Design Systems rely on modularity and scalability for making consistent changes across different products.


The most successful icons are very clear and simple. They show what they are for immediately, indicating to the audience what will happen if they click on them. They also use a common, scalable style that works on mobile, desktop and other platform.

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